Friday, December 23, 2011

Graduated. What's next?

so now that I've graduated, what's next?

I personally think that my future is gonna be as typical as most of my relatives. Finished secondary school, go to college, then university, work overseas for few year then come back Malaysia, or just migrate overseas. Things apparently not that typical anymore since something important in my life changes. I started to feel more concern of my family, I started to realize that things change, so should I. Even though I noticed that things change, I still haven't really adapt to it fully back then. It's after 2 years since then that I actually started to accept the facts and felt that I have to make changes to my plan as well. Yet, I still thought that I will be tough enough to stay overseas permanently. I am still resisting on making the changes. I thought things are great it's a wise choice for me since my dad says he doesn't mind to travel around.

And now, I'm already been out for 4 years from my hometown, from my family and friends. I've seen quite a fair bit of people, things, and environments. I'm not that particularly insisting on my future plan anymore. I am willing to male changes now, more open minded, tend to look for more opportunities available. There are some conflicts going on in me. I miss Malaysia, I miss my home, my family and friends, the food, but not the government, not the public transport! In Adelaide, I've got equal rights, good public transport, good education, good government, good welfare but I miss people back home. Human really never get satisfied! I'm in no rush to decide on this, I have given myself at least next year to really decide on it, or rather try my best to fit into changes and see how will my small decisions in next year lead me to. You will never know what's waiting for you! Anticipate the great fun ahead!

Had a great talk few days ago with an aunty, which is my travel agent back in Adelaide. I've got some really practical advice from her. apparently she came Australia ALONE for her partner, which is her husband now. She came leaving all her families and friends and also her career back home. It was a tough choice but the husband is such an awesome guy for her that make her feel that it's all worth it. And now, she's considering to go back to her families and friends after she retires. People might say she's silly as she is having such an easy and good life here. But hey, after all, families and friends are still the most important. People might not understand this now, but I bet one day you will agree. I told her about my worries and she said : have fun in your life, do what you think you should do, and enjoy the process, eventhough it might be quite bitter at times. and also don't stressed up yourself. haha it's true, I always want to do better, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend.

I still have plan for my future, it is some kind of motivation for me. and yet I will learn to take a step at a time so that I am not pressuring myself . Life is quite simple after all, as long as I am happy with myself.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

the way we ride

What do you think of your current life? When you sit down beside a window, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee, staring outside the window (I'm trying to create a nice atmosphere), reflecting back everything that happened in our life, do you feel that everything seemed fated? Well at least my friend and I have this same feeling. For example, if we didn't come to Adelaide to study, we wouldn't have met all the people around us now, we would have been having our unrelated life separately. Honestly, nowadays even if we're staying in the same neighbourhood, we might not even know about each other. But that doesn't mean that we should just leave everything to fate. Instead I believe that we should do our best in everything, and things will work out in the end. That is because apparently no matter what decision we made, life still goes on, the only thing that possibly get affected is just that we might be experiencing different challenges and experiences in our life. That's all, no big deal right?

I feel that it's actually very torturing waiting for result, but I am trying my best not to think about it since there's nothing more I can do for now. The only thing I've been doing these days are catching up with friends that I have not been in contact that frequent due to the hectic course structure. It's really nice hanging out with them and getting closer with them. And also my old friends, oh I can't wait to go back to catch up with you guys!!!

" See the way we ride in our private lives,
   ain't nobody getting in between "