Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunar Eclipse 16/06/2011

News have been spread around about the longest lunar eclipse and I really wanted to witness it. Astronomy stuff always give me this mysteriously amazing affection.

The best part is that I get to witnessed it from my hostel (The Village, Adelaide, Australia)! Its so spectacular! I don't even need an astronomy binocular, its visible and so pretty. According to ABC NEWS, the eclipse coincided with the northern hemisphere's mid-winter solstice for the first time in almost four centuries. How lucky am I! I don't know when's the next one coming, but I doubt I will be able to see it during winter season again in my life, judging from the history. I was super excited when I saw it, and I AM still feeling super excited about it now, that's why I'm blogging about it now, when everyone's still sleeping =D 

Freshly captured :

A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth lines up between the sun and the moon, which then blocks the sun's rays to the moon, resulting in a partial or full shadow across the moon. The red colouring arises because the sunlight reaching the moon has passed through a long and dense layer of the Earth's atmosphere. (source)
It is said that lunar eclipses are extremely powerful events and often bring on life-changing events. Eclipses are never subtle, but rather they shout their news. Another hallmark of an eclipse is that they move up timetables dramatically. No matter what you thought you'd do, you'll probably have to revise your scheme (source). Its a myth, not one that I will believe in. But I guess we can just apply the advises as they are for good anyway: cherish the present, build your future, learn from the past and don't regret! Sometimes we tend to think too much, worrying about this and that, and ended up framing ourselves, hiding our true self from getting out of the box. Present is called "present" for a reason, its a gift, that we should appreciate and fully utilise. Besides, its our own lives, shouldn't we just be brave enough to live our dreams? Well of course there's a limit for it, with the condition that we wouldn't regret it in the future, gotta be proud of it instead.

If you're very interested in experiencing the whole eclipse process, please click on the video below :

Friday, June 10, 2011


誰還記得是誰先說 永遠的愛我 
以前的一句話是我們 以後的傷口
過了太久沒人記得 當初那些溫柔 
我和你手牽手說要一起 走到最後

我們都忘了 這條路走了多久 
心中是清楚的 有一天 有一天都會停的
讓時間說真話 雖然我也害怕 
在天黑了以後 我們都不知道 會不會有以後

我們都累了 卻沒辦法往回走 
兩顆心都迷惑 怎麼說 怎麼說都沒有救
親愛的爲什麼 也許你也不懂 
兩個相愛的人 等著對方先說 想分開的理由

我和你的眼中看見了 不同的天空

走得太遠終於走到 分岔路的路口 
是不是你和我 要有兩個 相反的夢

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portfolio Theory Management

Portfolio Theory Management (PTM). This subject is a third year core subject for corporate finance major in University of Adelaide. It teaches us about how to construct a portfolio, different approaches, various indexes, all kind of market and securities! Its a tough one!

When I received the email informing us that the result of Portfolio theory management's assignment is out, my heart beat was so fast like mad! And OMG my result turned out to be so so so much better that I've expected. I couldn't ask for more seriously. The mid-sem test was hard, and I screwed it. So I though I'm gonna fail or pass just near the line for the assignment! Goodness! I'm so freaking happy now...  Well, I've put in lots of effort in the assignment but I just couldn't believe this as I truly find this subject very hard and I always feel that the lecture has always been expecting too much from an undergraduate student.  Next on I must score in the final exam. Its definitely gonna be tough. This subject is too unpredictable and challenging!

Thursday, June 2, 2011


For those that are currently away from home, whether its for studying or working, please be aware that this song will touch the bottom of your heart and could just make your tears roll down...


听着“天黑黑” 这首歌,完完全全诠释了我此刻的心情。

Stress is hitting on me strongly. Its just so overwhelming. It leads me to think more of my family and friends! Especially my grandparents. They're so old now, and yet I am not at their side. I'm here, so far away from them to pursue my study which now I am having difficulties with. I have been away from them since four years ago and since then I have been spending lesser and lesser time with them. I always have a fear in me, what if they are not there anymore , or what if they're are too old to remember me when I get back the next time. I can't make the time to stand still for them, they are growing older and older each and everyday. I can only pray that I'll always in their heart, just like they'll always stay in my heart, FOREVER.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday!

The birthday boy :
We had his birthday celebration dinner few days earlier at an all-you-can-eat korean bbq restaurant called Home Valley at Morphette Road. It's around $26 per head and you can order as much as you want, but the drinks are excluded from the price. The food is really pretty good, with a variety of choice. From tender beef, pork, chicken, mussels, squid, to mushrooms and sweet potatoes! They even have seaweeds for entree, I thought its a japanese entree but somehow they have it here. We practically tried everything in the menu for the meat section, except for few chicken thigh thingy! 

And at cibo after dinner =D
Sponsored by Clement hehe...

Love this shot! Terrence and Fen!

And at 12am on 31st of May 2011, a birthday cake, a video, and 5 of us...

Even though we din't  really celebrate much on the birthday itself, except for the 12am celebration, hope you enjoyed your day. May all your wishes come true and be happy forever! 
Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!