Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Monday, September 17, 2012

Olympus E-PL5

This is a really shocking news, didn't see it coming, or else I would have been prepared, I mean anticipated for it. Almost got a mini heart attack when I saw the announcement on by Olympus Australia on Facebook. So Olympus is releasing new cameras and lenses. And now my E-PL3 which I just bought last year is becoming an old version. They are jumping to release E-PL5 as a newer version now, together with Pen mini E-PM2. Even though I still love my E-PL3, I'm thankful to be able to own it, but damn it seriously! I'm so so so attracted to the E-PL5!!! It's expected to be available mid-October 2012. Wonder what will the pricing be...

So many great features! Although I'm not that good in this, but at least there are things that I can understand what is it and attracts me :O
-16MP Live MOS Sensor and TruePic VI image processor
-180 degree tilt screen,
-faster focus
-8 frames per second sequential shooting
-removable and interchangeable grip

I don't know how does it sounds like to those professional photographer, but for me, all these in a micro four third with good size to fit in my handbag and not too heavy, I'm totally in love with it!!

Plus, absolutely loving the colour combinations!

Obviously this is the combination I love
Other colours:

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

French Connection 2012 Spring Runway Show

Last week was Fashion Week in Melbourne, and I've found out that French Connection aka FCUK is providing free runway, definitely not to be missed! It was held indoor on the 7th of September. The venue is very simple but nothing to complain since it's free lol. There are rows of seats reserved for the VIPs/ media. Looking at them, some that you could easily tell from their outfit that they must be some fashion editor. They just leave me in aw. Seriously, I wish I could be like them! But reflecting back to real life, the probability is just near to zero. Not sure is it I don't have confidence to make it happen or I just give it in to life. 

Fashion comes from two parts of the world for me, one part is from Western Countries while the other part is from Asian countries, esp Japan and Korea. Realised that the latest trends from Asian fashion are related to studs, triangular shapes and collar necklace while Western trends for this Spring is of pastel colours. Studs and collar necklaces actually started from Japan since Winter but the trend is coming in Australia during late winter and now is selling all over the shops. FCUK seemed to integrate various collar necklaces to accessorize with their pastel colour outfits. Below are some of my favourites from the runway.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

celebration for 22 years of life



With my love for beach, a picnic at the beach it is! =D

candid shot by Elaine
 Made all the food hehe.Different types of sushi, sandwiches, potato salad, and fruit mix which we didn't have time/stomach to eat in the end lol.

happy us! Always love group photo =)

yiann and elaine
Was still sick on that day therefore didn't manage to capture more photos. I was taking a nap while the girls are all having fun posing in front of camera lol.

Went for special dinner at Nobu in Crown at night, a really awesome one. Pretty expensive too, each main costs around AUD30-40. We had 3 mains and a dessert. So yummy thus must bring in all the picture so that I remember them the next time I flip back to this birthday post. Thanks B!

Black cod
soft shell crab with kiwi salsa
wagyu beef gyoza

dessert bento - matcha ice cream and chocolate fondant

Supposed to meet the girls at home after dinner and continue for gelato at Freddo's. But! This was what welcomed me. Balloons and cake - a little surprise party =D Thank you so much for all the details people.

And when I was happily done cutting cake and finding for my water bottle, this was what awaiting me in my bedroom. More balloons... and presents!!! Balloons never fail to excite me, what's more with presents in the middle of them!

with bff 

Really feel so blessed to have you guys. Sincerely, appreciate every things from you guys. We were strangers before we met, and now, look at us, we are so close. 

NOOOO that's not all because all those happened on 02/09/12, before my birthday because that's the only date that bao bao and him are both here and only day that yiann don't have test when they're here. So on the exact birthdate, I went for lunch with the girls. Wanted to go for crepe at first as it has been a while since we have it. I meant savoury crepe, not those fruits type. Not sure where to get it back in Malaysia, I never had it in Malaysia actually. But the savoury crepe here has ham, cheese, egg etc. When we reached the restaurant, it was closed! Closed for one week, according to the notice sticked on the door. So we went to the restaurant directly opposite it, called Campari House. None of us ate there before, but I spotted "squid ink fettuccine" on their specials! Have been reading good review about squid ink pasta from bloggers in Malaysia =) Have been longing for it since, how lucky am I to get to try it on my birthday! The squid ink fettuccine was served with bug tail and topped with lobster cream! It was so yummy, the whole plate was just full of seafood flavour! But the portion was quite small, I couldn't get enough of it haha the photo below doesn't justify the size of the portion because I took such a close shot of it. It costs AUD28 but the ingredients used are really good. Wonder what do they serve with squid ink pasta in Malaysia. We also ordered salmon with spicy tomato sauce and pesto. It was good too but it's no beating squid ink pasta haha bias to the max!

Then Elaine and I headed to Le Petite Gateau for tea time. They have a selection of cakes on display, probably around 8 for us to choose from. I had a piece of black forest while she got a baked custard tart. The blackforest was really good. strong liqueur mousse on the top layer, then thin chocolate sponge followed by cream and cherry, lastly another layer of firm chocolate sponge. The cherry for deco on top of the cake tasted like plum and quite liqueur-ish actually. A rather small piece of cake for the price of $8.50 but the taste was real good.

This is our view, looking inside of their baking work place. Can see that they are enjoying their work very much. Made me think of how I should be enjoying what I do, or actually do what I enjoy?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August is here

Latest favorite song, ONLY ONE by BOA. Plus the dance moves, ohh so nice!

It's august already. How fast! New semester for CPA starting soon, in fact it's already staredted for me due to the upcoming events lol have to get it started early cz BFF is here! Gotta spend awesome time with her, and bringing her around. Can't believe this is the first time we travel together, Penang not really counted cz we go there too often lol. And I'm flying off to Sydney to meet plus accompany her tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow early morning's flight! Didn't see myself going sydney again, at least not so soon since I just brought my dad over there during my graduation. Not particularly into Sydney except for circular quay, the rocks, and darling harbour. It's just overly hectic in Sydney. This is finally hitting me now! Few hours more to sleep before flying off. We'll be going Adelaide then back to melb together. She'll be here for a month. Too bad cia cee is having classes now, if not it would be even more fun!

After she goes back, it's my birthday. Have always wanted to go somewhere else for birthday but it's always not that practical. (im gonna go japan for my birthday one day!) So I've decided we're gonna go for a one day trip , more like a picnic trip hehe so excited! It's gonna be a relaxing day, just the kind of atmosphere that I enjoy. Next event most probably Brisbane trip! There goes all my hardwork wages lol. The last time I went there was by trip, so this time round will be different experience. Gotta browse more info ASAP.

After all the enjoyable moments will be my exams!looking at the events rolling, seriously gotta study as much as I can whenever I'm free!

Monday, July 16, 2012


OMG! their cuteness is so irresistable!

They're not new toys, I've seen them and heard about them probably more than a year ago. But somehow at that point of time I wasn't attracted to them. Now it just suddenly hits me and I think they're freaking cute! Seriously, this just add another reason for me to go Japan again! on the rational side, they're just made up to get sales, literally, they have super simple storyline. But really, I don't care because they are really cute. It's what teddy bears are for right, their cuteness. If I was so into them few years back, I would've persuaded my dad to go to DisneySea as well. So I've decided to check up on the photos back in Tokyo trip to find back Disneyland memories.

Found some photos in Disneyland, but then I saw some pics of the cute kids of dad's friends then I decided to put them in first. Had so much fun with them during the trip, looking back at the photos make me miss them now.

Cutie pie with me =) How adorable is him! I think we visited this samurai village, which explains the pictures below lol

Look at this breathtaking view! Seriously till now I can't forget how amazing it was! It was outside a natural hot spring hotel we stayed at. It's not in Tokyo but I remember it's like some other states nearby.

The hotel has this natural spring water flow into the hotel so we get to enjoy natural hot spring indoor, naked. lol how cool it is =P It was more like a resort because they even built the hotel rooms with wooden theme, just like those old japanese house and we have to sleep on the floor, of course with a thin bedsheet thing. 

And this! it's all for one person, can you believe it?! This was our dinner in that hotel which gave us a chance to have dinner like how japanese would. So many types of food. But I didn't enjoy it that much because they're all really traditional japanese flavour, not like the kind of japanse food we eat nowadays.

The cutie pies, my bro and I soaking our legs in the outdoor hot spring lol. And those are the outfit we wore for dinner. Everyone wore it to experience how is it like to be japanese lol.

Ok done with all those, and here comes photos from Disneyland! haha.. But realised that I only took so little photos, must be too amazed by Tokyo Disneyland lololol. And realised that I also went to Universal Studio in Japan on the other trip.

It was near Christmas so they decorated the whole Disneyland. I've always love Chirstmas deco I don't know why.

Mickey Mouse popcorn =)

Toy story with the Disneyland castle behind =P ahh Disneyland, always bringing happiness to everyone =)
I wanna go again, even though I'm not into rides, just because you feel so joyful in there. I can't explain it, it's like entering into a different world, a world that only has happiness. Wish I'll be able to go there soon!

Friday, July 13, 2012

I love you

When you feel like there’s no way out
Love is the only way

Only be good to me
Only always smile at me
I said oooh, don’t make me jealous
Oooh, don’t make me become obsessed

I’m still scared of love
So make me trust you
I said oooh, don’t make me jealous
Oooh, don’t make me become obsessed

I Love You
I Love You

All day, I keep thinking about you
All day, I just stare at my phone that’s not ringing
Why don’t you know my heart being like this yet?
I still don’t know your heart either

With thoughts of you, I can’t go to sleep at night
I think of you under the moonlight and I confess my heart
Why don’t you know my heart being like this yet?
I still don’t know your heart either

Look at me now

Look at my heart
It’s burning like this
Please hold onto me right now
Before it’s too late eh eh eh eh

I Love You
I Love You

Don’t stop the love song
I will sing for handsome you every day
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Don’t stop the love dance
I want to spend this night with you
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
I say yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

Look at my heart
It’s burning like this
Please hold onto me right now
Before it’s too late eh eh eh eh
We can’t go wrong, bring it back

Don’t play the cat-and-mouse game with me
Let’s become a bit more honest
I said oooh, don’t make me jealous
Oooh, don’t make be become obsessed

I’m curious where you are and what you’re doing
Are you annoyed by me being like this?
I said oooh, don’t make me jealous
Oooh, don’t make be become obsessed

I Love You everyday
Don’t get away
Take me away
I Love You everyday
In everyway
I Love You

Why don’t you know my heart being like this yet?
I still don’t know your heart either

I Love You everyday
Don’t get away
Take me away
I Love You everyday
In everyway
I Love You

Why don’t you know my heart being like this yet?
I still don’t know your heart either

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fun and not-so-fun

I'm actually feeling so tired now but so many thoughts hanging in my mind that I couldn't sleep. Didn't feel like talking to ppl as well. I just need some space for myself. Or actually I need to talk to people that I trust but this whole time zone is not helping! =( I miss people that are used to be around me. Growing up is no fun. Ok maybe there is fun but I feel that the responsibility is getting too heavy and everything you do, you have to think it for long term and look at it in a far more realistic way. Seriously, I don't want to see myself in some miserable endings. The whole adult thing has grown so much in me, it's making me suffocated. I need to go somewhere, alone, or just with bestie, no one else, to freaking chill down and get a new start. I know that I need something, but I'm not quite sure what it is, maybe somekind of assurance or confidence.

Looking at the bright side, at least I am fortunate enough to enjoy good food and some travel fun. Oh yes and I've survived two weeks with my own work pay so far. I know there are so many people out there that are already financially independent, I'm starting out, but never too late to start right =) Hoping to be fully independent financially soon. Dear God, please send me some good luck. 

Finally had breakfast at Manchester Press, the last time I went there, I only ordered coffee instead of breakfast. Who knows the breakfast was so good! Don't usually like egg breakfast because they are always still gel-like texture, but this baked egg with salmon, pesto and goat cheese is so good! and the eggs were well-baked so not gel-like =) Speaking of food, I am actually thinking I should make a notebook or another blog just to record the cafes I went!

And their famous bagel, this one is with chorizo and tomatoes.

Since Clarence is here, we visited Sovereign Hill at Ballarat, my first time there too because it's so damn far away from the city. It took us approximately 2 hours to reach there by train and another 15 minutes bus ride. Actually it's pretty similar with the village I went to in New Zealand, but this one is a mining village.

This is how they try to find some gold, just like how we learnt in History when we were in secondary school lol everyone trying their luck

Double C - Clement and Clarence, and I on the mining tower.

Since it's winter now, they made this fake snow to match the Christmas theme lol so nice!

Colour-block knit wear =P

Ok this is a random picture, but I'm loving the new blue scarf I'm wearing haha