Monday, July 16, 2012


OMG! their cuteness is so irresistable!

They're not new toys, I've seen them and heard about them probably more than a year ago. But somehow at that point of time I wasn't attracted to them. Now it just suddenly hits me and I think they're freaking cute! Seriously, this just add another reason for me to go Japan again! on the rational side, they're just made up to get sales, literally, they have super simple storyline. But really, I don't care because they are really cute. It's what teddy bears are for right, their cuteness. If I was so into them few years back, I would've persuaded my dad to go to DisneySea as well. So I've decided to check up on the photos back in Tokyo trip to find back Disneyland memories.

Found some photos in Disneyland, but then I saw some pics of the cute kids of dad's friends then I decided to put them in first. Had so much fun with them during the trip, looking back at the photos make me miss them now.

Cutie pie with me =) How adorable is him! I think we visited this samurai village, which explains the pictures below lol

Look at this breathtaking view! Seriously till now I can't forget how amazing it was! It was outside a natural hot spring hotel we stayed at. It's not in Tokyo but I remember it's like some other states nearby.

The hotel has this natural spring water flow into the hotel so we get to enjoy natural hot spring indoor, naked. lol how cool it is =P It was more like a resort because they even built the hotel rooms with wooden theme, just like those old japanese house and we have to sleep on the floor, of course with a thin bedsheet thing. 

And this! it's all for one person, can you believe it?! This was our dinner in that hotel which gave us a chance to have dinner like how japanese would. So many types of food. But I didn't enjoy it that much because they're all really traditional japanese flavour, not like the kind of japanse food we eat nowadays.

The cutie pies, my bro and I soaking our legs in the outdoor hot spring lol. And those are the outfit we wore for dinner. Everyone wore it to experience how is it like to be japanese lol.

Ok done with all those, and here comes photos from Disneyland! haha.. But realised that I only took so little photos, must be too amazed by Tokyo Disneyland lololol. And realised that I also went to Universal Studio in Japan on the other trip.

It was near Christmas so they decorated the whole Disneyland. I've always love Chirstmas deco I don't know why.

Mickey Mouse popcorn =)

Toy story with the Disneyland castle behind =P ahh Disneyland, always bringing happiness to everyone =)
I wanna go again, even though I'm not into rides, just because you feel so joyful in there. I can't explain it, it's like entering into a different world, a world that only has happiness. Wish I'll be able to go there soon!

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