Saturday, August 4, 2012

August is here

Latest favorite song, ONLY ONE by BOA. Plus the dance moves, ohh so nice!

It's august already. How fast! New semester for CPA starting soon, in fact it's already staredted for me due to the upcoming events lol have to get it started early cz BFF is here! Gotta spend awesome time with her, and bringing her around. Can't believe this is the first time we travel together, Penang not really counted cz we go there too often lol. And I'm flying off to Sydney to meet plus accompany her tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow early morning's flight! Didn't see myself going sydney again, at least not so soon since I just brought my dad over there during my graduation. Not particularly into Sydney except for circular quay, the rocks, and darling harbour. It's just overly hectic in Sydney. This is finally hitting me now! Few hours more to sleep before flying off. We'll be going Adelaide then back to melb together. She'll be here for a month. Too bad cia cee is having classes now, if not it would be even more fun!

After she goes back, it's my birthday. Have always wanted to go somewhere else for birthday but it's always not that practical. (im gonna go japan for my birthday one day!) So I've decided we're gonna go for a one day trip , more like a picnic trip hehe so excited! It's gonna be a relaxing day, just the kind of atmosphere that I enjoy. Next event most probably Brisbane trip! There goes all my hardwork wages lol. The last time I went there was by trip, so this time round will be different experience. Gotta browse more info ASAP.

After all the enjoyable moments will be my exams!looking at the events rolling, seriously gotta study as much as I can whenever I'm free!

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