Friday, December 23, 2011

Graduated. What's next?

so now that I've graduated, what's next?

I personally think that my future is gonna be as typical as most of my relatives. Finished secondary school, go to college, then university, work overseas for few year then come back Malaysia, or just migrate overseas. Things apparently not that typical anymore since something important in my life changes. I started to feel more concern of my family, I started to realize that things change, so should I. Even though I noticed that things change, I still haven't really adapt to it fully back then. It's after 2 years since then that I actually started to accept the facts and felt that I have to make changes to my plan as well. Yet, I still thought that I will be tough enough to stay overseas permanently. I am still resisting on making the changes. I thought things are great it's a wise choice for me since my dad says he doesn't mind to travel around.

And now, I'm already been out for 4 years from my hometown, from my family and friends. I've seen quite a fair bit of people, things, and environments. I'm not that particularly insisting on my future plan anymore. I am willing to male changes now, more open minded, tend to look for more opportunities available. There are some conflicts going on in me. I miss Malaysia, I miss my home, my family and friends, the food, but not the government, not the public transport! In Adelaide, I've got equal rights, good public transport, good education, good government, good welfare but I miss people back home. Human really never get satisfied! I'm in no rush to decide on this, I have given myself at least next year to really decide on it, or rather try my best to fit into changes and see how will my small decisions in next year lead me to. You will never know what's waiting for you! Anticipate the great fun ahead!

Had a great talk few days ago with an aunty, which is my travel agent back in Adelaide. I've got some really practical advice from her. apparently she came Australia ALONE for her partner, which is her husband now. She came leaving all her families and friends and also her career back home. It was a tough choice but the husband is such an awesome guy for her that make her feel that it's all worth it. And now, she's considering to go back to her families and friends after she retires. People might say she's silly as she is having such an easy and good life here. But hey, after all, families and friends are still the most important. People might not understand this now, but I bet one day you will agree. I told her about my worries and she said : have fun in your life, do what you think you should do, and enjoy the process, eventhough it might be quite bitter at times. and also don't stressed up yourself. haha it's true, I always want to do better, as a daughter, as a sister, as a friend.

I still have plan for my future, it is some kind of motivation for me. and yet I will learn to take a step at a time so that I am not pressuring myself . Life is quite simple after all, as long as I am happy with myself.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

the way we ride

What do you think of your current life? When you sit down beside a window, sipping a cup of freshly brewed coffee, staring outside the window (I'm trying to create a nice atmosphere), reflecting back everything that happened in our life, do you feel that everything seemed fated? Well at least my friend and I have this same feeling. For example, if we didn't come to Adelaide to study, we wouldn't have met all the people around us now, we would have been having our unrelated life separately. Honestly, nowadays even if we're staying in the same neighbourhood, we might not even know about each other. But that doesn't mean that we should just leave everything to fate. Instead I believe that we should do our best in everything, and things will work out in the end. That is because apparently no matter what decision we made, life still goes on, the only thing that possibly get affected is just that we might be experiencing different challenges and experiences in our life. That's all, no big deal right?

I feel that it's actually very torturing waiting for result, but I am trying my best not to think about it since there's nothing more I can do for now. The only thing I've been doing these days are catching up with friends that I have not been in contact that frequent due to the hectic course structure. It's really nice hanging out with them and getting closer with them. And also my old friends, oh I can't wait to go back to catch up with you guys!!!

" See the way we ride in our private lives,
   ain't nobody getting in between "


Saturday, October 22, 2011


Seriously, I dislike the fact that woman have to have period every month. It is inconvenient plus uncomfortable at times. The only reason that I don't hate it is because of its ability to be pregnant. God knows how much I love baby lol. I don't normally have menstrual cramp in the past, but it started these few years, probably due to my not-so-good lifestyle since I left my home. So I googled up some remedies other thank taking pain killer pills, hopefully they're useful:

Reduce caffeine intake during those time and quit smoking around that time. Also lessen your alcohol intake. Excessive consumption of refined sugar has also proved to alleviate PMS. Oh and indulge in some exercise, not strenuous hard hitting routines, but gentler aerobic exercises. You could also try massaging your abdomen gently. (source) 
Probably not gonna work on me, I love coffee, like that how to reduce caffeine?? 

Place microwavable warm pack or a heating pad placed on your abdomen (lower belly) may help. Soaking in a warm bath may also relieve uncomfortable cramps. Some teens find that increasing their physical activity helps; others find that resting quietly for short periods of time helps. (source)
I always rub my hands until warm and place it on my abdomen, now I'm thinking heating pad would actually really help. Okay, will get one soon =)

I had the worst day ever during my previous period, most serious menstrual cramp ever. I just suddenly felt so weak, no energy and pale. I vomited and don't even have energy to walk. Stopped walking after 5 steps and took forever to walk the few steps that I would normally just take seconds. It was so horrible I will not forget that awful feeling. And I have to admit that I am a lucky girl. Baozhen was so shocked looking at me falling so weak. He eventually piggback me all the way back to hostel. Ah I don't know what would happen without him. When I was young, I have my dad to piggyback and pamper me, and now, I have baozhen. =)

Wish that I'll have enough good luck to be as happy as this old couple =P



Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Kiss

Anyone that watch Gossip Girl will definitely be able to relate this song strongly to Blair and Chuck's situation. But even you don't follow Gossip Girl, you'll also find this song very amazing. I could really listen to it for hours and hours. The emotion in the song has been brought out so well, it's so hard not to fall for it and being soaked in the emotion. Exam's drawing and I still have 1 more assignment to be completed. Plus tons of stuff needs to be settle before going back Malaysia for a long 3 months holidays. In fact I'm so excited to go back that I've bought stuffs for my family and friends. Would really be awesome to spend 3 months time only for my dearest family and friends without any other responsibilities.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miranda Kerr




Here she is, presenting us with such a fresh look of her without make-up. It's all about basic, comfortable and being natural. If you have no idea who she is, she is the Victoria's Secret angel, supermodel, wife of Orlando Bloom and mother of Flynn Bloom. These photos are actually from the photo-shoots for 'Rag & Bone'. Spot how comfortable she is in these photos! Reason? All these photos are taken by her husband, Orlando Bloom. She definitely look extra sweet in these photos, could really feel the love surrounding them. I adore how she could look so gorgeous effortlessly. I guess it really shows if you're loving your life, she definitely does.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Read a very meaningful blogpost written by a blogger on her 1 year weeding anniversary about relationship. She is so in love and cherish her relationship with her husband so much that she keeps being a better wife. Those little things that couple will most probably neglect few years down the relationship makes her a wonderful wife. Have a read on her experience and advises below, you'll gain a lot from it :
I saw a lot of what I didn't want in a marriage before I even got married, so I was determined to apply simple things to my own one day. What I have come to value and learn the most so far is that you have to create the atmosphere of unconditional thankfulness and love, and not for one day take for granted that this person decided to spend their life with you. And I don’t even mean that in the fairy tale cliché way. In real life it's not always in the mushy gushy love notes, gifts, goo goo eyes, and dates nights. That is romance, and while very important, the core heartbeat of the partnership is in the everyday routines and communication.
The unconditional love can come from just how you react to someone when they come in the door. Understanding is an action expression of love. I try to remember to take into account the day that he had, what’s on his mind, what he might want to do to unwind and refresh for a second. Its human nature to be like: well, what about MY day and what about what I need and what I want to do? Marriage isn’t about you. When you create an atmosphere of putting them first, its only a matter of time before they do the same because they appreciate what they have experienced from you. Might take some time of pouring into that atmosphere being built, and everything might not always be "perfectly even steven" but when two people really make an effort to put each other first (well God first of course, but you know what I mean) then both are taken care of instead of competing and keeping score about who does more or needs more. Cause that's no fun, we definitely didn't want that. Unconditional thankfulness can come from the tone and attitude of how you talk to each other too. Creating an atmosphere where your spouse feels comfortable telling you things about their day, their thoughts, or being honest without an argument starting, getting jumped at, or feeling judged and demeaned is key. Saying “thank you” and showing our appreciation once they do something we asked them to take care of, instead of reminding them how long it took them to do it with a sarcastic thank you, is something so simple but can change shift the atmosphere to remaining positive and empowering. An attitude of entitlement is the quickest way to kill an atmosphere of thankfulness.
We are their wife, not their mother or boss. I never wanted my husband to feel like he needed a break from me. Anything they do for us should be appreciated and thanked, even if it’s something you think they should do… a real thank you doesn’t hurt anybody and it will allow the spouse to feel empowered to enjoy taking care of things. I know I enjoy cooking or making sure to get his favorites things at the grocery store when I know he notices and says thank you, and means it. Instead of just acting like because I’m the wife, I should cook and do all the food shopping...We decided even before we got married, we would always talk to each other like Jesus himself was standing right behind the other person. Just imagine Jesus looking over your spouses shoulder at you when you're talking. Sounds almost a little funny BUT let me tell you, it creates an applicable standard ofcommunicating in love. Marriage is about building the other person up and being in position to carry out what God wanted to accomplish through you both coming together. Is it always perfect? No, but when you have 1000% open communication and thankfulness for each other, what could've turned into a  “rough patch” can instead just be a “good relationship building discussion.” And then you move on to enjoying other... and making goo goo eyes ;)

spot the people

Peeps, spot yourself  =P
To our everlasting friendship !!!

p/s: shayphing if you are looking at this, I couldn't find photo of us! how can this happen? =( we must take more photos the next time we meet up kay? 

Friday, October 7, 2011

enjoyed 3-days tour guide fun

Having my 2 weeks mid-semester break now, but its hardly called a break for me, except that I don't have classes to attend and can sleep for slightly longer. Reasons being I have assignments due, even in the middle of the holiday! This is crazy, I know =( Plus need to find accommodation for myself next year at Melbourne, for bro next year at Subang, check out visa application, CPA studies, and new job. Oh so many things... Luckily Asther, Elaine and Yiann came to Adelaide for their mid-sem break, which became the days that I really enjoyed as holiday. Although I'm being their tour guide, I guess I have to thank them for coming down so that I have time to really have fun. One thing I realised, I really like to bring people around,new potential eh! hahah.. Within these 3 days of fun, it's the first time we rented a car and drove it, to victor harbour somemore, which took us nearly 2.5 hours drive to reach there! Some photos to share =)

Dream catcher : supposed to be able to help you fulfil you sweet dreams and get rid of your bad dreams if you hang it in your bedroom. wonder if it's true... hmmm...

Wild Life Park, and we're so lucky that the peacocks opened up their tails, mating season perhaps?

Asther, me, Elaine, Yiann

Clement, me, Asther, Elaine, Yiann

The island connected to Victor Harbour. It is said that penguins will come up to the shore in the midnight!

I know you're looking at the sea water, how blue is it right? Yeap it is that blue! No edit!!!

Lastly, a sunset photo captured at Glenelg beach =) Oh how much I love this beach! Definitely gonna miss it after I move to Melbourne next year =(

Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Smile

Oh people! Despite this cruel world, I am still insisting on the good personality/attitude one should have. Without doubt, not everyone believe in what I believe. There are people that agree, some neutral, while some believe in erm nothing? Maybe I am too stubborn to give it up or I'm still waiting for tougher challenges to change my perception, but I doubt I will, I am the kind that will insist my principles if I have own stand on something. One basic thing, be RESPONSIBLE! Well you can be irresponsible but I'm pretty sure this kind of people will not live an awesome life. Simply because there are so many things in life that you'll need responsibility to work it out. Some you can be irresponsible of, but I'm sure there are some responsibility that you just couldn't jump over it. 

Finally watched SMURF!!! in 3D somemore lol but that's because we won the 3D passes given out by Rundle Mall Management Team. Super lucky, there's only 20 passes available! I love smurfs simply because they're too cute too resist. However I thought it would just be another cartoon show, but it turns out to be so great. I guess it's because they incorporate great values in the story. Two very important values: 
1 - Family is the most important, never leave your family. 2 - Think positively, from another perception. take a step back and think about the bad thing that happened to you, it is actually a chance for you to learn something from it. Just like how Grace convinced Patrick to looked back at the arrival of the Smurfs as a once in a life time experience despite they sorta messed up Patrick's job in between. It's a once in a blue moon incident indeed.

Smile and life goes on =)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

colours in between the grey

Now is the period when everyone get so busy with the mid-semester tests and assignments. They're like trying to kill us with the due date and heavy weightage. Oh well, that's the typical life of a student. Luckily we have festivals around these weeks too! Definitely a great news for us to release our stress, and enjoy the fun atmosphere. There are 3 festivals happening, Royal Adelaide Show 2011, Malaysian Carnival and Moon Lantern Festival! The date of Malaysian Carnival and Moon Lantern Festival are fixed at 11 and 12 of September respectively while Royal Adelaide Show is held for a period of 2 weeks till 10th of September. To suit everyone's timing, we chose to go on the last day, which means we went for the festivals 3 days in a row! 

Royal Adelaide Show is pretty similar every year. Last year's one? HERE. Its about all FOOD, RIDES, ANIMALS, SOFT TOYS, SHOW BAGS and of course FIREWORKS! However, last I missed all the animal shows, at least this year I got to watch dog competition and pig racing and diving show.

This is the stall selling the famous turkey legs, but we didn't get to eat it because it was freaking sold out! But I get to eat my favourite churro! Didn't take picture of the stall because I was too excited, the next thing I know is I'm enjoying it already haha.

Next day its Malaysian Carnival, and here he is, our famous Chef Wan in Adelaide! He is demonstrating some recipe, I did not listen through the whole cooking, but he is super funny!

Nasi Lemak? here we have it all! Most of the stalls sell nasi lemak, so we got many choice to choose from. Other typical Malaysian food also available. But do not expect them to be exactly the same. But good enough  I guess?

Look at the queue and the crowd!

Lastly, is Moon Lantern Festival! I missed it last year so this is my first time celebrating it here in Australia. It was so impressive. The first thing I noticed when I reached there is Chinese songs are playing in the air! It has been ages to be in such atmosphere. There are performances by Adelaide's sister city in China, Shan Dong. Their performances are incredible, the best that I've ever seen in my life! Then there are food stalls, lanterns, parades and finally fireworks AGAIN! So blessed can see fireworks twice in 3 days. And more importantly no ordinary fireworks, they are really great firework shows. It was so crowded, it's like the whole Adelaide-ians were there, not only Asians, but literally everyone.

Andrea and I

the biggest lotus lantern EVER !!!

pascal? =P

Astroboy !

holding on my faith

I am still holding my faith in you, not withdrawing it out at all. Growing up is what everyone needs to experience. Yet everyone grows up in so many different ways, thus learning by so many different incidents. I guess this is a small turning point in your life, where you are growing, hopefully growing up to be a better person than you already are in our hearts. I know for now, you won't understand a thing that I've said to you, probably you are laughing at me for emphasizing so much on family ties, for improving ourselves as children rather than being angry and dissatisfied with parents. Not only that it's easier to achieve, we can communicate better with parents, we also contribute alot to a happy family, especially to one like ours. We love you, more than what you think, even though you won't agree, but that is the fact, a fact that will never get wiped off, forever. I hope that you will learn,  and hopefully God did not set a pathway that is too harsh for you to get through, and I am taking the challenge believing you will be a great person afterall. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My new baby

This is so exciting! Finally, finally! I bought Olympus Epl-3. The reason being that I have waited for so long is because originally I wanted the white colour, but it never reach! So I ended up getting the black one after waiting for around 1 month. Why do I change camera just after 2 years? Well my previous camera encountered lens error and it never function again. It is very expensive to change the lens so I got this new camera. But I learnt the lesson, don't get camera that is too delicate. My previous camera was fully touch screen, which means no button at all! I like the look of it in terms of compact camera as it has the clean look. Of course very good quality too. But again, too delicate! Ever since I got interested in camera, I always wish that I am able to learn more about photography and perhaps own a Dslr in future. Always admire beautiful photos taken by others. And now, I finally take a step closer to my secret dream. I chose this model mainly because of it has a mix of manual and auto functions, suitable for a beginner like me. Plus, it is so compact! It's so much more convenient for me to carry around, as I do carry around on normal days, plus a thought of matching it with my size. hahaha =D

Some shots taken with my new baby, thank you my friends, for letting me to take your precious photographs =D

I will improve myself, I will learn! =) Still feeling the excitement =P

Friday, September 9, 2011

Balzane by Longchamp

Longchamp has now comes out with the new line called Balzane. This video debuting the new line is very entertaining and full of fun as the title "Keep on riding" implies. Not describing much about the video or else I'm gonna spoilt the fun of it. This video is featuring Audrey Marnay, Eleonore Bridge and my favourite fashion blogger - Rumi Neely! Rumi is looking absolutely stunning in the video! Plus the video is taken in Paris! Oh Eiffel Tower *melts* The bag itself is the rider kind bag, suitable for any occassion. A clean look with a mix of classic and modern design. Check out LongChamp website to find out more about the Balzane collection.

Pink 21st

I'm now officially a lady, a 21 years old lady. Wow its already that long 0.0 21 years! And judging by the years that passed, my life has been really well, some small hurdles, a big rock on my pathway, but hey, that's all. Apart from all those, I really enjoyed my life to the maximum. 

From a naughty and super stubborn little girl, I am now grown up, being able to improve myself. I am still learning, to be a better daughter, a better sister, a better person. I appreciate everyone that entered my life, whether you are still staying here with me, or have left me. At least you were part of my life. Every single thing in my life is important, or else I would not be who I am now. 

Daddy, I know you have been having a hard time all this while. I understand, I really do. You are the greatest dad in the world. No matter what had happened, I love you, like how you love me.

Mum, thanks for raising me. I might not be the child that's easy to raise up, but I know you raised me up well, teaching me lots of knowledge. 

Bro, still remember we always argue over small stuffs since young. And we even fought before lol. Oh well that's how we "communicate" when we were young. I know things weren't easy for you too, but I'm always here for you. I hope that you will grow up being an independent, tough, and thankful person.

All friends of mine, thanks for everything, every single thing that you have done for me, that you have spoken to me. You all are my power to be strong. Friends that are far away from me, I miss you all, all the time. I wish you all well. And I will see you all soon. Friends that are here with me in this foreign land, thanks for everything, all the fun and all the surprises. Most importantly, all the love!

Look at all the love !!!

Now you know why is it called pink 21st. Pink table cloth, pink plates, pink cups, pink spoons, pink knifes, and pink serviettes!!! SO PINK! but I like hehe =P

and all the cola related candy 0.0 & mystery gift

Tiffany & Co, and flowers <3 <3 <3

All the photos above were taken from the celebration for the first night. Yeap they celebrated for me for two nights =) The second night, we went to eat steamboat at Ming's Steamboat at Morphett street. Its actually really yummy! They have 3 sauces, one that's salty, and then the middle one is peanut sauce, and then dried chilli sauce. But only the chilli one is nice, no joke.

Cake cutting session after steamboat =D One of my favourite - Tiramisu