Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life's hard

Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.
- Adele "Someone like you"

Now that we are grown up, life is not simple anymore. Remember how we used to spend time doing things that we like, playing around and just simply having fun? And now, we're facing challenges in life. Writing this post as I realised that we are now in the phase of exposing to the cruelty of life.

I'll have to admit that friendship always play a strong factor in my life. Friends are just too important to me. I have been told so many times not to trust people too much and that not everyone are sincerely nice to you. Despite that, I trust people so easily. Well, all of us have to learn in life, falling down is just part of it. I'm still learning

Sometimes, when you give out lots of love, you don't necessarily get them all back. But it's alright, it's just telling you that they don't appreciate your love, by telling you the hard way. Then you get to know who really love you. Yes I know that we shouldn't expect returns, but I guess it's just merely a way of differentiating who truly loves you. And for those who don't, you still can love them, but I doubt you will treat them the same for long. It's just simply human behaviour, you tends to love people that loves you back, it's hard to love people that hates you.

Looking at my friend experiencing betrayal, and knowing that I couldn't really help much, it's such a bullshit feeling. The fact that I know only time could heal the pain, I could really just hope that the sore will just go away as soon as possible.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


  天亮了又黑我過了好幾歲                        - 孙燕姿 同类


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Procrastinated post - Auckland & Rotoroa, New Zealand




This is the second trip for the 1 month winter break. And guess what! Its an overseas trip when I'm already studying overseas (hahahhaha). In my imagination, New Zealand is a land full of farms and cows lol. I was being so stereotype of the impression given from the story books when I was young. We travelled to the biggest city in New Zealand's north island, which is Auckland. Its the previous capital of New Zealand. Its absolutely not what I had in mind like those scene in story book. hahah I know la nowadays the world has changed but still the images of New Zealand that I've pictured since young stayed in my mind! Auckland is a hectic city, something like Melbourne and Penang, but not as busy as Kuala Lumpur or Hong Kong. Those who says there're nothing to shop in New Zealand, are you sure you've been here??? There are so many shops for shopping over here! Cheap or expensive stuffs, they have it all! One bad thing there is that their roads are ridiculous! The roads are all so sloppy! Other than that, it just gives you this comfortable feeling about it, an unexplainable attractive power,a very very nice place to be! and something cute about them is that the people are also called "kiwis" hehe =)

An evidence of the road! 

Something that we noticed at New Zealand is that there are so many Koreans there! Students or tourists! I wonder why... Most of the attractive tourist destinations are actually in Rotoroa, not in the Auckland city, we actually followed a one day tour by Grayline. It costs us a bomb! Luckily we got 10% discount and it comes down to around $280, yet it's still super expensive T.T Because of this we were totally broke and have to change more New Zealand money! Never this broke before, will never forget about it! But the bus is really cool! It has 2 levels, where the upper level is the passenger seats while the lower level is a small kitchen and a toilet! Because its a day trip, we don't have time to have lunch in restaurant, do the tour guide prepared lunch for us on the bus! Its curry chicken with rice and its surprisingly yummy! Ten times nicer than those served in the flight! Oh we had morning tea and afternoon tea on the bus too. haha at least get VIP treatment for the price we paid. 

Destinations that we've visited in Rotoroa includes Waitome Glow Worm Caves, Agrodome Farm Tour, Lake Rotoroa, and Te Puia Maori Village. Waitomo Glow Worm Caves is really really really magnificent! Anyone that's gonna go New Zealand must visit this place! Imagine this : riding on the small boat inside the cave, head up and look at the ceiling of the caves, where you see thousands tiny lights, just like a star-filled sky! Too bad we weren't permitted to take any photo or video inside. This is a photo I took from a travel website:


Agrodome Farm Tour did'nt really amaze me that much, b'cause I've been to a similar concept farm tour in Brisbane. But we thought we should at least go to a farm tour since we're in New Zealand lol. Some photos that I really like :

it is naturally born with the love shape1 how lovely!
In the Maori Village, we have the opportunity to experience the cultural dance performances by New Zealand's aborigine, called Maori. The dances have been slightly modernised in order to maintain interest of the younger generation and I kinda like it =) Inside the Maori village, we could see the geothermal areas that produce the gases so closely.. and the smell is definitely not nice haha.. Apparently the whole area of Rotoroa is geothermal area that's why they have the hot spring there. Besides, there is this mud pool that's like boiling @.@ and its used for many purposes.. one of it? mud masks =P

Apart from the day tour, we visited this European village, called Howick Village ourselves by public bus and walking *proud* Its established back in 1847 by soldiers from England. The story behind is something like the soldiers and their families are offered to transfer to Howick village FOC including houses and schools built in the village, but they have to live their daily life in this village for 7 years and have to protect New Zealand if its in danger. And now, years passed and their younger generation volunteer to serve in the village, as it is now a tourist attraction. The village is really a place to be! Everything in the village is well-maintained. Look at the photos : 


Apart from all these, New Zealand has few dead volcanoes. We climbed, okay sorta walked all the way up to Mount Eden, to have a look at a dead volcano.  It is like a very very huge lake, without water in it lol. So this is how it looks like :

And we also went to this island, where a dead volcano is situated. Look at the ugly rocks along the way! The path was just too long we din't make it all the way up.

That's all my memory from this New Zealand trip =) Oh we ate at a super yummy Thai restaurant for dinner during this trip. The reason behind is the wife of the boss of the restaurant is from Thailand, and so I'm guessing the chefs are too. The taste of the food can really compete with the restaurants in Thailand itself! One of the yummiest Thai food I've eaten overseas so far! I really wish that I can go to New Zealand again next time! I somehow really fall for it...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Melbourne, Australia

Haven't been jotting down my memories for quite a while now. Thought I should write everything that I've done in the holiday before too busy with uni again. The first day we arrived Melbourne, we straight away head to Queen Victoria Market for something super duper adorable...


OH MY GOD right!!!! damn alot of teddy and all of them are soooo CUTE and SOFT !!!  


This is my doggie
<3 <3 <3

hahahaha I'm so happy, eventhough it has been one month since I got doggie, I am still super excited hugging it lol... I think I am kinda have too much feeling towards doggie, but hey its really super cute =D hahahah okay, back to Melbourne, or else few years later, when I read back my posts, future me will be thinking current me is so stupid and crazy lol. Melbourne has blended people from different cultures and backgrounds together. And most importantly, its a place that you could really immerse yourself in their city and feel the mix of cultures, unlike Sydney that is so hectic and what I can feel from Sydney is just another hectic city even though it also has different cultures flowing into it. Basically the whole Melbourne trip is about food, and food, and food! ahah.. Seriously, its all about food, which is absolutely good for me b'cause I love food =P Honestly,till now I still miss churros from Queen Victoria Market, its actually spanish donut but obviously not is the normal round donut shape. A picture of churros with me =)

Probably should list down restaurants and cafes that I've been too.
  1. Ying Thai 2 
  2. Il Dolce Freddo
  3. Stalactites
  4. Grill'd
  5. Lindt
  6. Koko Black
  7. Pancake Pallas
  8. Max Brenner
  9. Galleon Cafe
  10. Hardware Societe
  11. Hu Tong Dumpling Bar
  12. Roule Gallette
  13. La Belle Miette
  14. Pie Face
  15. Lord of the Fries
So much to eat and I really love them all! No joke! Each and every one of them have their own specialties that I don't think any other restaurants can replace. I even develop my love towards crepes from this trip. It just so amazingly good, especially savoury crepes, its really yummy everyone should try it themselves! 

And we visited 2 churches which have been standing there for don't know how long. Its really great that I'm able to visit the churches as their paintings, designs, craftsmanships are unbelievable! its just like those churches that we always see in movies. 

However, Melbourne, unlike Sydney, don't have Opera House and Harbour Bridge as its popular landmarks. The nearest Australia landmark to Melbourne is Great Ocean Road, which caused us to travel for 550km for the journey. It is crazy! To make things worse, our tour guide/driver drove super fast, overtaking other buses, while the road is so winding and its a rainy day =.= Luckily the views were magnificent or else I'll kill the driver that made me vomit throughout the whole journey!

This is Melbourne Uni! Its really nice, can compete with Adelaide Uni (protective) lol... Visited Monash Uni's Caufield campus and Clayton campus as well, but its really disappointing. Clayton campus is huge but the buildings in both campuses are just ordinary buildings, by that I mean the style that's sorta in between modern and traditional. Well its my personal preference that I actually prefer such old buildings' designs. No offense to Monash student =P

Some random shots :