Saturday, October 22, 2011


Seriously, I dislike the fact that woman have to have period every month. It is inconvenient plus uncomfortable at times. The only reason that I don't hate it is because of its ability to be pregnant. God knows how much I love baby lol. I don't normally have menstrual cramp in the past, but it started these few years, probably due to my not-so-good lifestyle since I left my home. So I googled up some remedies other thank taking pain killer pills, hopefully they're useful:

Reduce caffeine intake during those time and quit smoking around that time. Also lessen your alcohol intake. Excessive consumption of refined sugar has also proved to alleviate PMS. Oh and indulge in some exercise, not strenuous hard hitting routines, but gentler aerobic exercises. You could also try massaging your abdomen gently. (source) 
Probably not gonna work on me, I love coffee, like that how to reduce caffeine?? 

Place microwavable warm pack or a heating pad placed on your abdomen (lower belly) may help. Soaking in a warm bath may also relieve uncomfortable cramps. Some teens find that increasing their physical activity helps; others find that resting quietly for short periods of time helps. (source)
I always rub my hands until warm and place it on my abdomen, now I'm thinking heating pad would actually really help. Okay, will get one soon =)

I had the worst day ever during my previous period, most serious menstrual cramp ever. I just suddenly felt so weak, no energy and pale. I vomited and don't even have energy to walk. Stopped walking after 5 steps and took forever to walk the few steps that I would normally just take seconds. It was so horrible I will not forget that awful feeling. And I have to admit that I am a lucky girl. Baozhen was so shocked looking at me falling so weak. He eventually piggback me all the way back to hostel. Ah I don't know what would happen without him. When I was young, I have my dad to piggyback and pamper me, and now, I have baozhen. =)

Wish that I'll have enough good luck to be as happy as this old couple =P



Friday, October 21, 2011

Last Kiss

Anyone that watch Gossip Girl will definitely be able to relate this song strongly to Blair and Chuck's situation. But even you don't follow Gossip Girl, you'll also find this song very amazing. I could really listen to it for hours and hours. The emotion in the song has been brought out so well, it's so hard not to fall for it and being soaked in the emotion. Exam's drawing and I still have 1 more assignment to be completed. Plus tons of stuff needs to be settle before going back Malaysia for a long 3 months holidays. In fact I'm so excited to go back that I've bought stuffs for my family and friends. Would really be awesome to spend 3 months time only for my dearest family and friends without any other responsibilities.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Miranda Kerr




Here she is, presenting us with such a fresh look of her without make-up. It's all about basic, comfortable and being natural. If you have no idea who she is, she is the Victoria's Secret angel, supermodel, wife of Orlando Bloom and mother of Flynn Bloom. These photos are actually from the photo-shoots for 'Rag & Bone'. Spot how comfortable she is in these photos! Reason? All these photos are taken by her husband, Orlando Bloom. She definitely look extra sweet in these photos, could really feel the love surrounding them. I adore how she could look so gorgeous effortlessly. I guess it really shows if you're loving your life, she definitely does.

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Read a very meaningful blogpost written by a blogger on her 1 year weeding anniversary about relationship. She is so in love and cherish her relationship with her husband so much that she keeps being a better wife. Those little things that couple will most probably neglect few years down the relationship makes her a wonderful wife. Have a read on her experience and advises below, you'll gain a lot from it :
I saw a lot of what I didn't want in a marriage before I even got married, so I was determined to apply simple things to my own one day. What I have come to value and learn the most so far is that you have to create the atmosphere of unconditional thankfulness and love, and not for one day take for granted that this person decided to spend their life with you. And I don’t even mean that in the fairy tale cliché way. In real life it's not always in the mushy gushy love notes, gifts, goo goo eyes, and dates nights. That is romance, and while very important, the core heartbeat of the partnership is in the everyday routines and communication.
The unconditional love can come from just how you react to someone when they come in the door. Understanding is an action expression of love. I try to remember to take into account the day that he had, what’s on his mind, what he might want to do to unwind and refresh for a second. Its human nature to be like: well, what about MY day and what about what I need and what I want to do? Marriage isn’t about you. When you create an atmosphere of putting them first, its only a matter of time before they do the same because they appreciate what they have experienced from you. Might take some time of pouring into that atmosphere being built, and everything might not always be "perfectly even steven" but when two people really make an effort to put each other first (well God first of course, but you know what I mean) then both are taken care of instead of competing and keeping score about who does more or needs more. Cause that's no fun, we definitely didn't want that. Unconditional thankfulness can come from the tone and attitude of how you talk to each other too. Creating an atmosphere where your spouse feels comfortable telling you things about their day, their thoughts, or being honest without an argument starting, getting jumped at, or feeling judged and demeaned is key. Saying “thank you” and showing our appreciation once they do something we asked them to take care of, instead of reminding them how long it took them to do it with a sarcastic thank you, is something so simple but can change shift the atmosphere to remaining positive and empowering. An attitude of entitlement is the quickest way to kill an atmosphere of thankfulness.
We are their wife, not their mother or boss. I never wanted my husband to feel like he needed a break from me. Anything they do for us should be appreciated and thanked, even if it’s something you think they should do… a real thank you doesn’t hurt anybody and it will allow the spouse to feel empowered to enjoy taking care of things. I know I enjoy cooking or making sure to get his favorites things at the grocery store when I know he notices and says thank you, and means it. Instead of just acting like because I’m the wife, I should cook and do all the food shopping...We decided even before we got married, we would always talk to each other like Jesus himself was standing right behind the other person. Just imagine Jesus looking over your spouses shoulder at you when you're talking. Sounds almost a little funny BUT let me tell you, it creates an applicable standard ofcommunicating in love. Marriage is about building the other person up and being in position to carry out what God wanted to accomplish through you both coming together. Is it always perfect? No, but when you have 1000% open communication and thankfulness for each other, what could've turned into a  “rough patch” can instead just be a “good relationship building discussion.” And then you move on to enjoying other... and making goo goo eyes ;)

spot the people

Peeps, spot yourself  =P
To our everlasting friendship !!!

p/s: shayphing if you are looking at this, I couldn't find photo of us! how can this happen? =( we must take more photos the next time we meet up kay? 

Friday, October 7, 2011

enjoyed 3-days tour guide fun

Having my 2 weeks mid-semester break now, but its hardly called a break for me, except that I don't have classes to attend and can sleep for slightly longer. Reasons being I have assignments due, even in the middle of the holiday! This is crazy, I know =( Plus need to find accommodation for myself next year at Melbourne, for bro next year at Subang, check out visa application, CPA studies, and new job. Oh so many things... Luckily Asther, Elaine and Yiann came to Adelaide for their mid-sem break, which became the days that I really enjoyed as holiday. Although I'm being their tour guide, I guess I have to thank them for coming down so that I have time to really have fun. One thing I realised, I really like to bring people around,new potential eh! hahah.. Within these 3 days of fun, it's the first time we rented a car and drove it, to victor harbour somemore, which took us nearly 2.5 hours drive to reach there! Some photos to share =)

Dream catcher : supposed to be able to help you fulfil you sweet dreams and get rid of your bad dreams if you hang it in your bedroom. wonder if it's true... hmmm...

Wild Life Park, and we're so lucky that the peacocks opened up their tails, mating season perhaps?

Asther, me, Elaine, Yiann

Clement, me, Asther, Elaine, Yiann

The island connected to Victor Harbour. It is said that penguins will come up to the shore in the midnight!

I know you're looking at the sea water, how blue is it right? Yeap it is that blue! No edit!!!

Lastly, a sunset photo captured at Glenelg beach =) Oh how much I love this beach! Definitely gonna miss it after I move to Melbourne next year =(