Monday, September 17, 2012

Olympus E-PL5

This is a really shocking news, didn't see it coming, or else I would have been prepared, I mean anticipated for it. Almost got a mini heart attack when I saw the announcement on by Olympus Australia on Facebook. So Olympus is releasing new cameras and lenses. And now my E-PL3 which I just bought last year is becoming an old version. They are jumping to release E-PL5 as a newer version now, together with Pen mini E-PM2. Even though I still love my E-PL3, I'm thankful to be able to own it, but damn it seriously! I'm so so so attracted to the E-PL5!!! It's expected to be available mid-October 2012. Wonder what will the pricing be...

So many great features! Although I'm not that good in this, but at least there are things that I can understand what is it and attracts me :O
-16MP Live MOS Sensor and TruePic VI image processor
-180 degree tilt screen,
-faster focus
-8 frames per second sequential shooting
-removable and interchangeable grip

I don't know how does it sounds like to those professional photographer, but for me, all these in a micro four third with good size to fit in my handbag and not too heavy, I'm totally in love with it!!

Plus, absolutely loving the colour combinations!

Obviously this is the combination I love
Other colours:

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