Wednesday, September 12, 2012

French Connection 2012 Spring Runway Show

Last week was Fashion Week in Melbourne, and I've found out that French Connection aka FCUK is providing free runway, definitely not to be missed! It was held indoor on the 7th of September. The venue is very simple but nothing to complain since it's free lol. There are rows of seats reserved for the VIPs/ media. Looking at them, some that you could easily tell from their outfit that they must be some fashion editor. They just leave me in aw. Seriously, I wish I could be like them! But reflecting back to real life, the probability is just near to zero. Not sure is it I don't have confidence to make it happen or I just give it in to life. 

Fashion comes from two parts of the world for me, one part is from Western Countries while the other part is from Asian countries, esp Japan and Korea. Realised that the latest trends from Asian fashion are related to studs, triangular shapes and collar necklace while Western trends for this Spring is of pastel colours. Studs and collar necklaces actually started from Japan since Winter but the trend is coming in Australia during late winter and now is selling all over the shops. FCUK seemed to integrate various collar necklaces to accessorize with their pastel colour outfits. Below are some of my favourites from the runway.

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